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Campaign Coordinator Contact


IT Contact

 The person responsible for maintaining your email system, network security, and website filtering. We will need to work with this person to make sure the ePledge emails and websites are not blocked by your corporate network security.

Payroll Contact

 The person responsible for payroll. We will need to work with this person to ensure that payroll deduction pledges are transmitted to your payroll department correctly, and to make sure that donor payment detail is received for payroll pledges.

Marketing Contact

 Optional. If you would prefer marketing communications, such as campaign awards and recognition, be made with your marketing department in addition to your Coordinator or in place of, please provide.

Key Numbers and Dates

Campaign Communications

 To customize your ePledge website content or campaign emails, you must download the ePledge Content Customization form, make your edits, and send the edited document to your United Way Campaign Manager at least two weeks prior to your campaign kickoff date.

Campaign Reports

Payment Options

** Minimum $1 per pay period or $20 total annual gift, whichever is higher.
** Minimum $25 total annual gift.
** Minimum $25 total annual gift.